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Dress Code

No Sagging

sagging pants

No sagging your underwear including, but not limited to, shorts or boxers, should not be visible to anyone.

No Rips

excessive rips in jeans

All Rips should be on the knee or below. Rips above the knee must be worn with tights or leggings.

No tank/crop tops

short crop tops

No Tank tops. Shirts must completely cover the stomach with arms fully extended.



No slides and flip flops on campus. Only closed-toe shoes are allowed.


boy in hoodie

No Hoodies are to be worn inside the building or in the classroom.

Skirts and pants

various lengths of shorts

Skirts and Pants: Skirts and pants’ length should be past fingertips when arms are fully extended.

Hats / beanies

hats and beanies

Hats are NOT allowed on Campus; Beanies are to be worn outside ONLY


how to properly wear a mask

Masks should be worn while indoors.

no pajama

Pajamas are NOT allowed on Campus